Our Mission

To provide all-natural Kimchi made from the best ingredients through a wholesome process marked by our tradition of excellence.

In the year of 1980, the
roots of Bing Gre Kimchi Pride were firmly planted in the heart of Queens, New York, guided by a profound vision: To deliver the essence of fresh Kimchi crafted from the most fresh and best quality ingredients.  Our company continued to grow with the consistent philosophy and mission that it has flourished into the preeminent Kimchi manufacturer in the Eastern United States based in the northern New Jersey.

Who We Are

"Like many other immigrants, my
parents wasted no time in finding work that could support our family after
arriving in the United States. They came here to pursue the American dream,
which inspired them to begin working at the Bing Gre Kimchi company, founded by
Mr. Sung Wan Kim. Mr. Kim was a visionary who believed that one day people
would come to appreciate the benefits and flavors of Kimchi. With this vision
in mind, Bing Gre Kimchi Pride was established in Queens, N.Y. in 1980.

At first, my parents' dedication
to the company wasn't rooted in sharing Mr. Kim's vision or passion, but in the
necessity of providing for their three beloved children. I still vividly recall
the times when they would bring home fresh Kimchi they had prepared at work,
and it was absolutely delicious. As the eldest son in an immigrant family
facing challenges, I deeply valued all the sacrifices my parents made and felt
a profound responsibility to fortify our family's foundation.

In the year 2000, I took
on the role of owner of the company, while my parents continued their work
crafting Kimchi. In the early years, Kimchi was often regarded as a secondary
choice due to its strong aroma and tangy flavor. Nevertheless, I held steadfast
in my belief that naturally fermented Kimchi would become a healthy dining
option that our company could take pride in producing. With Bing Gre Kimchi
Pride, I aim to provide more than just food by offering healthy and wholesome
sustenance for all people. This is the driving force that unites my beloved parents
and my wife, Chae, as we tirelessly pursue our mission of offering fresh,
all-natural Kimchi for all.

"Bing Gre" is a Korean term meaning "Smile", and that's precisely what
our company aims to bring to everyone who has experienced our fresh and healthy



James Lee

Owner of Kimchi Pride & Foods, Inc.